The government improves the efficiency of immigration permits, improves the satisfaction and happiness of the people

The government improves the efficiency of immigration permits, improves the satisfaction and happiness of the people

With the continuous advancement of China’s opening-up policy and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, Chinese citizens’ overseas travel, family visits, or business activities are also more frequent. In 2017, the number of domestic residents who applied for immigration documents or endorsements for private purposes was as high as 133 million this time, which is about 1 person per 10 citizens.

Due to the increasing number of people handling immigration documents, there are situations where queues need to be waited for half a day or even one day at the immigration reception windows in many places; and because of the cumbersome procedures, at least run from applying to get the documents Three or four trips, not to mention the need to run repeatedly if the application materials are uneven. This process of obtaining a certificate is time-consuming and laborious, and it is disappointing.

In order to solve the problem of inconvenient for the general public to handle entry and exit documents, the National Immigration Administration announced at a press conference held by the Ministry of Public Security on April 26: Starting from May 1, 2018, passports and other entry and exit procedures will be implemented throughout the country. The “only run once” system of the certificate ensures that the applicant can complete all procedures for applying for passports and other immigration documents once at the immigration reception window.

In order to fulfill the promise of “only run once”, the National Immigration Administration has adopted the following six measures to optimize the system for handling entry and exit documents:

Optimize the document processing process. In the past, the application for documents required the procedures of photo collection, fingerprint collection, submission of application materials, face-to-face verification, and payment of documents. The processing time and location of these procedures are not concentrated. It takes several places to complete the entire procedure, and each place It is very cumbersome to re-queue; now, in order to improve the efficiency of permit processing, the National Immigration Administration has concentrated all the above procedures at the entry and exit reception window, and the masses only need to run once to take away the completed certificates.

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